How quickly are messages sent out?

Emails are sent out based on an hourly quota. Your hourly quota is determined based on the following schedule: 

If you are a new customer and haven't yet sent out at least 25k emails total:

Hour Amount
1st 10
2nd 500
3rd 2000
4th 3000
5th 4000
6th 5000

8th+ 10k

Once you've reached the 25k mark, there's an accelerated schedule:

Hour Amount
1st 1k
2nd+ 25k

The idea is to gradually ramp up the send volume so that if there is any error or problem with the email blast, you can discover it before it goes out to everyone on your list. 

For triggered emails, which are generally much lower volume than blasts, the schedule is as follows:

Hour Amount
1st 1
2nd 5
3rd 20
4th 50
5th+ 100

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